Office of Assessment

Administration Building

The Office of Assessment within the Division of Academic Affairs coordinates Towson University's assessment process focusing on student learning outcomes. Assessment of student learning occurs at the course, program and institutional levels and encompasses academic and co-curricular activities.

The Office of Assessment (OA) was created to:

  • Facilitate the assessment of university and programmatic learning outcomes,
  • Coordinate institutional and program assessment,
  • Provide ongoing support services for assessment, and
  • Produce and maintain quality infrastructure for assessment at TU.

Our mission:  

The Office of Assessment works collaboratively with the faculty, students and staff to support analysis and research of Towson University’s curriculum, courses, departments and programs to improve student learning through effective, faculty and staff-driven assessment of academic programs and student learning outcomes achievement.

How we support analysis and research of curriculum, courses, and programs:

The OA provides information and resources for assessment; maintains the technological infrastructure (i.e. Planning Module) to support academic assessment; offers faculty and programs support (via workshops and consultations) on topics related to academic assessment; and assists in the collection, analysis, and distribution of institutional and programmatic assessment data.

With staff representation on the University Assessment Council (AAC), the Committee on Institutional Effectiveness (CIE), and the Sub-committee on Student Learning Assessment (SSLA), the OA aids development and prosecution of wider institutional assessment activities and supports maintenance on the institution’s regional accreditation.