Health Insurance for International Students

All international students on F, J or any other non-employment-related visa status are required to have health insurance that meets the university’s minimum standards. These students are automatically enrolled in the university-sponsored insurance plan and the cost is billed to their financial account.

Students with their own comparable insurance may submit a waiver application, along with their plan benefits in english and proof of payment. If the waiver is approved, the insurance charge will be refunded. Waiver deadlines for international students are September 15 (fall term), February 15 (spring term), and June 15 (summer sessions).

Waiver applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered and no refunds of insurance premiums will be possible. Waiver applications must be re-submitted every fall term. Waiver standards and application forms are found on the Health Center website. For additional information, contact the Dowell Health Center at 410-704-2466.

Privacy of Personal Health Information

Towson University is committed to protecting the privacy of personal health information of students, clients or employees through compliance with the Federal Privacy Standard of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).