Mandatory Fees

Mandatory student fees provide funding for operations and facilities that support student academic life and student activities.

Athletics Fee

The Athletics Fee supports 19 intercollegiate sports competing at the NCAA Division I level. TU Athletics belongs to the Coastal Athletic Association (CAA), the East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL) and is affiliated with the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC). The fee funds athletic scholarships and athletic program operations which provide co-curricular opportunities for students in multiple academic programs on campus. All students are admitted free to all TU regular season home athletics events to promote a sense of community on campus.

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services Fee is comprised of two key components – Auxiliary Construction and Auxiliary Services.

The Auxiliary Construction component provides funds to pay debt service for Auxiliary buildings on campus such as the Union expansion, Burdick expansion, and West Village Commons. The Auxiliary Construction fee also supports the development, maintenance, and utilities of Auxiliary facilities on campus.

The Auxiliary Services component supports a variety of student services and operational functions provided by TU, such as University Child Care, Campus Recreation, One Card, Transportation Services, and Student Activities.

Technology Fee

It is TU's goal to create a student-centered learning infrastructure that recognizes how technology is changing the methods for organizing and disseminating information, delivering student services and administering the educational enterprise. The Technology Fee provides funding to support classroom technologies, teaching and learning hardware, software, and cloud services. The fee also provides funding for the labor, installation, maintenance, repairs, and service agreements to support academic technology.


The SGA Fee covers costs of various student activities and student publications administered by the Student Government Association.