Exhibition: Fragments, Layers, Combinations

Nanette Carter and Robert Straight create abstract images by building up layers and combining parts, utilizing paint and other materials.

Fragments, Layers, Combinations: Nanette Carter, Robert Straight. And representative art work from each artisit.
On View January 28 - April 23, 2022

Curatorial Statement

Abstraction offers artists the opportunity to find an individual, specific visual language that can address conceptual issues. This exhibition presents two master artists who create abstract images with built up layers and combined parts, utilizing paint and other materials. They merge fragments that refer, in very different ways, to the world outside of the object, while maintaining the interiority of the work.

Nanette Carter focuses on contemporary events/concerns with an abstract vocabulary of form, line, color and texture that explore the impact of social media, social injustice and the balancing of life responsibilities in the 21st century.

Robert Straight employs scientific and mathematical concepts such as fractals and string theory as well as visuals from the physical and biological sciences to investigate macro and micro relationships. Together, these artists present a wide-ranging view of current developments in abstraction by representing very different aspects of the contemporary world.


Installation Videos


Individual Artwork


Lecture by Artist Nanette Carter


Lecture by Curator Valerie Cassel Oliver