eTU Council

The success of entrepreneurship at TU is dependent on a broad coalition of stakeholders actively engaged in developing and strengthening entrepreneurship.

One aspect of TU's strategic plan is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship and to develop and strengthen entrepreneurship across TU. Critical in this process is bringing the disparate entrepreneurship activities occurring on campus under a broader tent—eTU (Entrepreneurship@TU). The eTU Council is composed of faculty, students and staff who support this priority by:

  • building an entrepreneurship ecosystem, both applied and pedagogical
  • raising awareness with internal and external audiences
  • developing working teams to address strategic initiatives and challenges
  • serving as an advisory group to the executive director of entrepreneurship and the eTU team 
eTU rep Affiliation
Gashaw Abeza* College of Health Professions
Shana Gass Cook Library
Alison McCartney* Honors College
Leann Norman* Fisher College
Jal Irani* Fisher College
Lorie Logan-Bennett Student Affairs, Career Center
Brian Jara Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity
Melanie Kelleher Division of University Advancement
Alexei Kolesnikov Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Math
Ari Bard Athletics
Jennifer Stano Office of Human Resources
Pallavi Guha* College of Fine Arts and Communication
Stella Tomasi* College of Business and Economics

*Entrepreneur Faculty Fellows