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Raquel Frye

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Regional Economic Studies Institute


Raquel joined Towson University in 2006. She currently works in an advisory role, providing support in the development and execution of special projects for the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI). Most recently, Raquel served as managing director of RESI and was responsible for the administrative management and overall project management of RESI.

During her tenure with RESI she managed several projects, including a study to address the potential economic impacts of the Panama Canal expansion project on the Port of Baltimore. In addition, she was the lead author and researcher for a wide range of projects including measuring the impacts of Class I Railroads on the national economy, the effects of natural gas expansion in Maryland, and the impact of rent control policies in Montgomery County.

Prior to working at RESI, Raquel worked for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as a Project Manager and a Governor’s Policy Fellow. The Governor's Policy Fellowship program was designed to bring young graduates to state government. As a Project Manager, she managed the process for funds distribution and the evaluation and tracking of local grantee performance.

Raquel is currently a lecturer in the Department of Economics at Towson University


Raquel holds a M.A. in economics from Georgia State University and a B.S. in economics from Florida State University.


Outside of the office, Raquel is busy raising two toddlers with her husband. She says she misses hobbies.

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What are three websites everyone should have bookmarked? www.ted.com, fivethirtyeight.com, and www.spotify.com

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