National Testing

Towson University is a national testing site for the administration of various standardized exams which are offered at different times during the year on Saturdays.

Registration and Testing Location

Registration is processed through the testing companies. Towson University does not process registration, changes or cancellations. 

Testing is conducted in the College of Liberal Arts Building. Parking is available directly across from the building and is free on weekends.

Street Address for Liberal Arts Building

College of Liberal Arts (Google Maps)
251 University Ave
Towson MD 21204

If your admission ticket shows 8000 York Rd, 8000 York Rd is the address of the entire campus. 251 University Ave is the specific street address of the College of Liberal Arts Building. 

Room Information

Room assignments are not provided in advance. All students should report to the 2nd floor east lobby to receive their room assignment.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The College is Liberal Arts is not affiliated with the national testing program. Please do not contact them for information. We also ask students who choose to do a test run before test date to be respectful as the building is an active learning environment. 

Additional Information

GPS Coordinates
Nearest Intersection
Towsontown Boulevard and University Avenue
Which Building Entrance to Use
Only one entrance will be open on test day. This will be located on the east side of the building facing the Towsontown Garage. The entrance will be marked with a sign. 
Where to Park

Tests Offered

All tests offered are paper and pencil based. Towson University does not offer any electronic testing.

Accommodated Testing

Testing accommodations on national standardized exams are available for test takers with disabilities by special arrangement. Accommodations must be approved by the appropriate national testing service beforehand. Towson University does not approve or process accommodated testing requests. Unless otherwise noted, accommodated exams are held in the Testing Services Center in the Administration Building.

As of July 1st 2014, all Praxis exams are conducted electronically unless there is a need for an accommodated paper exam. Towson University offers paper based praxis only for those with approved accommodations.

  • PRAXIS (for students needing paper tests ONLY)


Contact Information

IT and National Testing Coordinator

Student Affairs
Greg Primrose
Rm 237
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.