Olubusayo Shabi

Major: Accounting

Olubusayo Shabi

When Olubusayo Shabi decided to major in accounting at Towson, she chose a field and a university that played to all of her strengths. Detail-oriented, organized, and with a knack for numbers, Shabi says the accounting major “highlights my innate skills.” Thanks in large part to Towson’s small class sizes and a core group of accounting faculty, who “live and breathe the major,” Shabi has channeled her skills into a promising career path. 

“TU has passionate teachers who go beyond classroom instruction,” says Shabi. “They create a life experience for students. Everything you need to help you succeed is right here on campus.” 

As part of that experience, Shabi served as an accounting intern at National Geographic in Washington, D.C., where she learned more about the role of an accountant in a corporate environment, conducted bank reconciliations and reviewed financial statements. She has also participated in one-day externships at three major accounting firms in the area to further build both her network and her knowledge of the field. 

In addition to providing a strong foundation in accounting, Shabi relates, “Towson has prepared me to  go outside my comfort zone and treat every opportunity as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

She is sharing her enthusiasm with others in her work as a student academic adviser in the Academic Advising Center, fielding questions from students and creating outreach programs to encourage academic success and responsibility.

“I have flourished in every way at Towson,” she says. As a way to “give back to the community,” Shabi has volunteered with Towson’s MentHer program, mentoring female students from a Baltimore City high school. “These students have so much to look forward to, and I want to help them prepare for the future.” 

Towson has prepared me to go outside my comfort zone and treat every opportunity as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ”

Olubusayo Shabi