MentHER is a “lift as you rise” program that combines networking and mentorship among women to support the growth, education, and empowerment of college and high school students in the Baltimore area. Supported by a grant through the National Mentor Resource Center, MentHER combines evidence-based practices for mentorship programming. Utilizing these practices, we can effectively #LevelUpOurFutureTogether.

A large group of women standing together and posing for a group photo at a recent menther meet and greet event
In MentHER, CBE students get the chance to network with and be mentored by women in business while helping high school students learn about goal setting, career planning and more.

About the Program

MentHER empowers women by focusing program content on financial literacy, career planning, and life and workplace skills. From September to May, the MentHER program connects professional business women with 1:1 mentoring relationships with College of Business of Economics sophomores, who in turn mentor high school students within Baltimore. Guided discussions on issues facing women are addressed throughout the program in the 1:1 mentoring sessions, workshops, and presentations.

FAST fact

62% of students who participated in a CBE mentoring program felt more confident with their career plan.* 2019-2020 MentHER program data

Why participate?

  • Students will be matched with mentors to support development and knowledge in financial literacy, career planning, life and workplace skills.
  • Identify and advance the essential components for students’ future success.
  • Grow students’ personal and professional network by meeting and building relationships with other supportive women.

2021-2022 Program Dates

  • MentHER Match Night - Tuesday, September 28th at 5:30pm

“ Being a part of the MentHER program was a great experience. It’s a win-win opportunity for women in CBE because not only do you gain mentorship from a woman in industry, but you also able give back by hosting events for high schoolers to help them prepare for their post-secondary transition as well. You get to learn and teach, and I think that helps students develop many necessary life skills. ”

Danielle Thomas, MentHER Participant 2019-20

For more information, contact:

Lauren Tigue Meredith
Professional Development Partner,
Student Academic and Career Services