Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders is the CBE Advisory Board’s mentoring program for students.

CBE Advisory Board members and other volunteers are paired with student leaders at CBE in a one-on-one mentor relationship. Mentors and mentees set their own goals and meet on their own time and occasionally participate in group activities.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

  • Increases your confidence through individual recognition and encouragement
  • Challenges you to set higher goals and take more risks
  • Gives you direct access to leaders within the business community for advice on navigating your career
  • Builds strong interpersonal skills and professional etiquette
  • Provides the foundation of a lasting professional and personal network
  • Exposes you to diverse perspectives and new experience

Program Timeline

The program begins just after the start of the fall semester and lasts through the following May. The program kicks off with a “speed networking” event to help pair compatible mentors and mentees.

If you're interested in being paired with a mentor, contact Lisa Michocki at 410-704-4674 or .