Mentoring to Advance Professional Development

Mentoring to Advance Professional Development (MAPD) is a program focused on supporting juniors and seniors within The College of Business and Economics. Supported by the National Mentor Resource Center, MAPD combines evidence-based practices for mentorship programming so students can get #ALLMAPDOUT.

About the Program

MAPD emphasizes professional development and career readiness by providing guided activities such as resume and LinkedIn development, networking and interview skills, as well as building professionalism. Business professionals working across industries and corporate sectors are paired with students in a 1:1 mentor relationship for a full academic year from September to May. The program content is addressed throughout the academic year in mentoring sessions and occasional group activities.

Why participate?

  • Combine networking and mentorship with business professionals for maximum impact.
  • Get #ALLMAPDOUT by focusing on elements such as resume and LinkedIn development, successful interviewing skills, and career planning.
  • Navigate job search components, professionalism, and evaluate career and life goals critical to success in business.


46% of recent graduates continue to talk with their mentors regularly. (Source)

Program Dates

The program begins just after the start of the fall semester and lasts through the following May.

For more information, contact:

Lauren Tigue Meredith
Professional Development Partner
Student Academic and Career Services