Undergraduate Programs

Our programs enable students to effectively harness technology to meet business strategies and goals. Our graduates are comfortable with both technology and business and can manage business processes, technology and people to further an organization’s competitive edge.

Business Systems and Processes (BSAP) Major

Increase efficiency and harness technology to meet business strategies and goals in the business systems and processes (BSAP) major where you'll learn to use state-of-the-art software and analytical skills to help organizations large and small compete and thrive. Master industry-standard enterprise resource planning software SAP-ERP and earn the official SAP Recognition Award.

Business Administration Major: Business Analytics

In the business administration major with the business analytics track, you will organize and analyze data, discover patterns, and derive business intelligence and insights to drive better decision making.

Business Administration Major: Project Management

Become a strategic thinker who keeps complex projects moving on-time and efficiently with the project management (PMBA) concentration and take the first step in becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management through courses aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI), the association that sets the standards of the profession.

Accelerated B.S./M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Earn two degrees in as little as five years with this accelerated program that merges the in-demand skills of project management and supply chain management. 

Admission Requirements for Majors

The BSAP and business administration majors are screened, meaning students must complete certain admission requirements before taking upper-level courses to complete the degree.

Business Administration Minor: Business Analytics

The Minor in Business Analytics aims to provide a value-added, analytical toolbox that can be used by all students across Towson campus in any major/discipline. The minor can enhance TU students' competitiveness and marketability as knowledge and skills in analyzing big data becomes an important skill set in any industry.