transfer students are advised on academic matters by a faculty member

Faculty and staff members in the College of Business and Economics advise students on all aspects of their undergraduate program and serve as a resource for assisting students in meeting career goals. Every student is assigned an adviser after declaring a pre-major or being admitted to the college.

Following the completion of First Year Experience (FYE), pre-business and pre-accounting students are advised by a Professional Development Partner (PDP) in Student Academic and Career Services until they complete the lower-level requirements and are admitted into the major. At that point, they are assigned a faculty adviser.

Advising Forms

Find advising forms for your major and catalog year, which you should complete and bring to each advising session.

Who Is My Adviser?

You can find out who your adviser is by logging into Towson Online Services. Go to SA Self Service> Learner Services> Academics> View My Adviser. If you don't see an adviser assigned or you are changing your major to business or pre-business and need to be advised, visit Student Academic and Career Services in Stephens Hall 302.

Meet with Your Adviser Every Term

You should meet with your adviser every term well before your assigned date to register for classes. Academic advising holds are applied at specific points throughout your academic career. If you have an academic-advising hold on your student account, you will not be able to register for courses until you meet with your adviser. No one other than your adviser will remove this type of hold. You can find out if you have any holds on your account by logging onto Towson Online Services and following: SA Self Service> Learner Services> Academics> Holds.

Make an Appointment with Your Adviser

You will need to make an appointment to meet with your adviser by calling, emailing or using an online scheduling systems, if your adviser uses one. Your adviser will let you know the best procedure to follow. If your adviser indicates that contacting by phone is best and your call is unanswered, leave a detailed voicemail message so that your call can be returned. Faculty and academic adviser contact information can be found in the TU Directory.

What to Bring to Your Advising Appointment

Bring a completed advising form using the information from your academic requirements found on Towson Online Services. Be sure to use the CBE Prerequisite Checking Guide (PDF) when planning your courses. If you are a transfer student, you should also bring a copy of your Evaluation of Transfer Credit Report, any petitions to accept courses transferred in as part of your degree requirements, and your term-by-term plan of courses.

When to Register

Improve your chances of getting the courses and times that you want by registering at the time assigned to you. To find out when you can register, go to Towson Online Services and follow SA Self Service> Learner Services> View Enrollment Appointment. 

Have more questions?

Consult the advising FAQ or contact your adviser.