About Us

We are a nature and the arts early childhood program on the beautiful campus of Towson University. We offer an educational program for young children ages two years through five years. 

Play is the highest form of research”

Albert Einstein
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Towson University’s 150 year history is ripe with the education of college students and children alike. Towson originated as Maryland State Normal school – a college grounded in creating teachers who could contribute to the Maryland public school system. In order to achieve this goal, The Model School was established alongside the Normal School as a demonstration elementary school. It was here that teachers in training could map innovative and progressive ideas in childhood education.

In 1915, when the Normal School moved from Baltimore City to Towson, the Model School (now known as the University Child Care Center) followed, settling into the famous Stephens Hall. The sprawling new grounds and gardens allowed children to participate in outdoor activities, learn about soil conservation, gardening and animals.

In 2007, the University Child Care Center moved across campus where it now enjoys a $4.5 million dollar state-of-the art green building constructed specifically with children in mind. Under the guidance of director Sarah Fike, the Child Care Center is moving back to its roots: a holistic center of early childhood education for the entire community.

Educational Philosophy

We believe the whole child is best cultivated in a secure, caring school community, which demonstrates empathy, caring, respect, and love for all. Our hope is that every child and family fell part of our school community and family engagement on a variety of levels is encouraged.

We believe education should not focus on children as recipients of information, but rather as active participants in their own learning . You will not find rote memorization in our classrooms, but lively classroom communities engaged in inquiry and project work. While young children are playing, the process becomes more important than the product. The Master Teacher is a facilitator for rich discussion, collaboration and exploration. Our themes are taken from the seasonal changes in nature, and the direct experiences we observe outside our windows or experience in our daily life. These are often place-based and focus on Maryland's wildlife, habitats and culture. We believe that every child will flourish with an authentic child-centered curriculum based around their interest, the arts and nature.