Message from the Dean

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
-— Mahatma Gandhi


CHP Dean, Lisa Plowfield

Welcome to the College of Health Professions! At no other time in history has a career in the health professions been of such great need. Today, 17.7 percent of our national spending on goods and services is spent on health care. This far exceeds any other country. Choosing to work in health, and related sports and wellness professions, will provide you with a lifetime career that will address important needs of all Americans. How each of us thinks, feels and acts affects our health and wellness. If you are interested in formal sports, recreational activities or daily exercising; if you are interested in teaching others about wellness and health related activities; or if you have a passion to care for persons and assist those with health issues, the College of Health Professions at Towson University can provide you with a meaningful, high quality education embracing real-life experiences and internships.

A career in the health-related professions will provide a career in helping others achieve higher levels of functioning for their health, their lifestyle and their quality of life. You will have the satisfaction that you have touched the lives of others. As one of our graduates you might:

  • Teach physical education and health to children;
  • Develop media campaigns addressing wellness;
  • Provide rehabilitative services following injury or illness;
  • Assist athletes of all levels in honing and refining their talents;
  • Coordinate services and care for older adults;
  • Manage health and sport-related services and providers;
  • Analyze health systems for improving the delivery of care;
  • Evaluate persons with speech and hearing difficulties;
  • Care for patients in hospitals; or
  • Plan and staff disaster relief efforts.
  • The potential of what you can do with a career in health professions is endless. And the satisfaction in working with others is also endless!

Our college provides a wide variety of programs that offer you the education needed to meet today’s busy and growing needs in the health care services, wellness and health industry. Please take some time to visit the departments and learn more about our programs, our faculty and our students. Join us for an exciting adventure in the College of Health Professions! We look forward to meeting you!

Lisa Plowfield