Career Support, Internships & Clinical Placements

Experiential learning leads to future career satisfaction and success. Programs in the College of Health Professions prepare graduates to assume roles in a variety of clinical, teaching, community, health and sport-related settings. Therefore, internships and clinical experiences are an essential part of each student’s education.

Nursing students practice clinical skills in the classroom

The primary goal of clinical placements is to provide students with important, sequential learning experiences that prepare them for a career as a health professional. Clinical placements and internships build on skills and competencies already acquired in class work, and these real life learning experiences provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and acquire essential skills for their specialty practice. The goal for all internship experiences is that conceptualization and practice will become integrated into the application and delivery of high quality health services that improve the lives of others.

Students may seek internship opportunities through their academic department and the Towson University Career Center. Each Department in the College of Health Professions has mandatory requirements for clinical placements that often include criminal background checks, immunization records, and drug testing. Students should review their program's student handbook and course requirements for the required documentation.