Double Major in Deaf Studies & Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (SPPA) majors often elect to complete a second major in Deaf Studies (DFST). Although these majors are in separate colleges, with careful planning, both majors can be completed in four years. 

Students who declare majors in both Deaf Studies and Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology, continue studies at the graduate level to become certified as speech-language pathologists or audiologists with skills that prepare you to provide services for individuals who use ASL. A minor in Deaf Studies is also an option. 

Admission Requirements

Students interested in completing both majors must complete the same screening procedures as students with a single major in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology. 

Degree Requirements

View degree requirements for the Deaf Studies major in the Undergraduate Catalog. 

Program for Freshmen* 

Year SEMESTER Courses
Pre-major year (Freshman Year) Fall/Spring ENGL 102 or 190 Core 2

MATH 111, 115, 119 Core 3

PSYC 101 or 102 Core 6

BIOL 191/192 or 200 Core 7

CHEM 121+121L OR CHEM 131+131L

OR PHYS 202 OR PHYS 211 Core 8

SOCI101/102 Core 6

TSEM 102 Towson Seminar Core 1

DFST 101 Intro to Deaf Culture Core 13

DFST 104 *F ASL 1 Core 5

DFST 105*S ASL 2
First year in SPPA program (Sophomore Year) Fall BIOL 221+221L Human Anatomy & Physiology

SPPA 303 Hearing Science

SPPA 215 Language Development in Children

SPPA 210 Phonetics of American English

DFST 204 ASL 3
First year in SPPA program (Sophomore Year) Spring

SPPA 200 A&P of Auditory & Vocal Mechanism

SPPA 302 Articulation & Phonology

SPPA 321 Introduction to Audiology

DFST 205 ASL 4

**Core 12 Global Perspectives

SPPA 101 Intro to Communication Disorders

** Core 4 Creativity and Creative Development

Second year in SPPA program (Junior Year) Fall

SPPA 313 Speech Science

SPPA 306 or 341 Neuro SLP or Clinical Audiology

SPPA 304 Language Disorders in Children

DFST 304 ASL 5

DFST 318 Social Services in the Deaf Community

**Core 10 Metropolitan Perspectives

Second year in SPPA program (Junior Year) Spring SPPA 325 Intro to Aural Rehabilitation

SPPA 416 Clinical Observations & Techniques

DFST 345 Deaf Culture

DFST 308 Fingerspelling

DFST elective
Third year in SPPA program (Senior Year) Fall SPPA 417 Research Writing Core 9

DFST 430 Linguistics of ASL

DFST 410 Internship in Deaf Studies (or following semester)

DFST 375 Deaf History

PSYC 205 or SPED 301 (both are DFST & SPPA electives)
Third year in SPPA program (Senior Year) Spring DFST elective

DFST elective

PSYC 212 Behavioral Statistics

** Core 11 The United States as a Nation

**Core 14 Ethical Issues and Perspectives

DFST electives

12 credits total, 9 of these credits must be DFST courses

DFST 210
DFST 220
DFST 309
DFST 425
DFST 435
DFST 495
ANTH 207
CLST 303
FMST 201
FMST 387
PSYC 203
PSYC 205
PSYC 361
SOCI 343
SPED 301

SPPA electives

3 credits

PSYC 205
SPED 301
SPPA 301
SPPA 487 (seniors only- requires GPA of 3.5 or higher)
SPPA 496, 497, 498 (juniors & seniors only)
ENGL 251


*SPPA and DFST majors are in different college and are subject to changes and possible course conflicts. Students should work carefully with advisors from both programs to ensure  an optimal program of study.