Vicky Usik

Her student internship at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield led to a full-time job for health care management major Vicky Usik ’15. 

Victoria Le

Like so many Towson University students, Thuy-Truc (Victoria) Usik excelled in her student internship and gained valuable experience to complement her course of study. Upon graduation, Usik worked for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and currently works as a Transformation Coach at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center.

As a market research intern at CareFirst, Usik conducted surveys and analyzed results for several divisions. She later worked as a product specialist in the marketing department, where her work focused on ancillary products offered by the company. 

“I wanted to use my analytical skills to improve the quality and delivery of health care,” notes Usik, a first-generation student who originally thought she would pursue a medical degree.

“The health care management program was perfect for me,” explains Usik. “You have the ability to improve health care for individuals and communities and you develop an appreciation for the quality of health care, the quality of service and the quality of life.”

As an undergraduate, Usik served as a research assistant for professors within the department.  She also created a peer study group for fellow students and revitalized a struggling Health Care Leadership Academy, creating new goals for the student organization and actively recruiting new members.

In addition, she learned the value of making connections and building professional relationships during her college years. “The academy was a great networking vehicle for connecting with businesses and health care organizations,” she notes. “It gave me a chance to learn about lots of opportunities in the field.”  

“ I wanted to use my analytical skills to improve the quality and delivery of health care. ”

Vicky Usik