Career & Internship Support

Students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience, learn new skills, and develop professional contacts through internships.


Students enrolled in catalog year 2009-10 through 2014-15 are required to complete six credits of internship. The internship can be completed in one semester (minimum of 240 contact hours) or in two semesters (minimum of 120 hours each). Students following catalog years prior to 2009-10 are required to complete three credits of internship. The contact hour requirement for the three credit internship is a minimum of 120 hours. The internship must be completed under the direction of a worksite supervisor and must be approved by the Department of Kinesiology’s Exercise Science Internship Coordinator.

Benefits of learning experiences available to students during their internship experience include:

  • Observation of professionals in the field
  • Opportunity to utilize concepts and skills learned in the classroom
  • Opportunity for a hands-on, practical, real-world experience
  • Participation in decision-making processes
  • Demonstration of leadership and organizational skills
  • Development of professional contacts
  • Accumulation of practical experiences that will assist in future job searches
  • Clarification of future career directions and goals

Internship Opportunities

Towson University is ideally located in the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington area with access to a large number of internship sites within the exercise science industry. Students have had the opportunity to complete internships in a variety of settings. Below are some examples of sites where students recently secured internships:

Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Johns Hopkins Greenspring Campus (PDF)

Personal Training/Fitness

Baltimore Fit Body Bootcamp (PDF)
Maryland Athletic Club (PDF)
Bare Hills Athletic Club (PDF)
Baltimore County Country Club (PDF)
Todd Bauer Life Reset (PDF)

Clinical & Research

Medifast (PDF)
JHU Sleep Center (DOCX)
Central Maryland Rehabilitation Center (DOCX)

Strength & Conditioning

Athletic Republic (PDF)
Perform Fit (PDF)
Axis Sport Performance (PDF)
True Athletic Performance (PDF) (Additional Information PDF Flyer)
Rock Solid Fitness (PDF)
Reach Your Potential (DOCX)
Be-More Training (PDF)

Health & Wellness

Maryland Athletic Club (PDF)
Bare Hills Athletic Club (PDF)
Brick Bodies Medical Referral Program (DOCX)

Corporate Wellness

Health Solutions at Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus Internship (PDF)
Corporate Fitness Works (PDF)
Health and Wellness Center at Verizon (PDF)
  Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Fitness Internship (PDF) / Brochure (PDF)

Students may select an internship from the existing database, log onto the Career Center website, or find one on their own.

Overall Contact List for Students (DOCX)


Internship Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a credit-based internship, students must meet the following criteria prior to the start date of your proposed internship:

  • Completion of KNES 365 and 369 (must receive a “C” or higher)
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Academic major EXSC
  • For information on the approval process and course requirements, please refer to the course syllabus.

Current Syllabus (DOCX)

If you have questions about an internship in Exercise Science or would like more information, please contact Professor Jennifer Moxley at .