Career & Internship Support

Students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience, learn new skills, and develop professional contacts through internships.

The internship is a critical component of the Sport Management major.  The course is designed to expand the student’s current knowledge in the field of sport management.  Through this course, students will maintain a full- or part-time workload in a setting appropriate to their specialization such as athletic programs, professional/amateur sports organizations, recreation and parks departments, high school athletic programs, sports commissions, and other sports agencies (i.e., ‘sport-related’ sites) where significant learning possibilities exist.  This is a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical work experience, apply concepts and skills learned in the classroom, and develop professional contacts within the sports community.  One internship is required in the program, however, students are encouraged to complete a second internship for credit (as an elective).

The major objectives for the Sport Management internship experience are to enable the student to:

  • Begin applying the knowledge and skills attained in the campus setting to specific practical sport management issues in the workplace, and
  • Contribute significantly to the activities, events, and projects of the site.

Towson’s location gives students access to many internship sites within the sport industry, with the Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia markets within close proximity.

Previously Approved Internship Sites

Sport Management Internship Coordinator

Kyle Leppert, M.A., CSCS