Virtual Tutoring

At virtually every stage of the writing process from brainstorming your concept to polishing your final draft, you can get the writing assistance you need at the Writing Center.

Writing assistant providing virtual tutoring

For distance and commuter students who cannot make it to Towson's main campus, we offer virtual writing assistance. These sessions are conducted much like a live session in the Writing Center, but they take place online using WebEx, Towson's video chat software. WebEx offers screen-to-screen live video conversations similar to Skype, while also letting students review written documents in real time in ways similar to Google Docs. 

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment for virtual tutoring, contact Wayne Robertson (410-704-5379) or Carmen Meza (410-704-5451). All virtual sessions are held during the Writing Center's usual hours of operation. Usually, you can call the day before your desired appointment. However, to make a virtual tutoring appointment on Sunday, please make sure to schedule the session before the close of business on Friday at 400 p.m.  In addition, during the last three or four weeks of the semester, the Writing Center becomes quite busy.  During those weeks, consider calling two to three days in advance. 

Technical Requirements

In order to meet with a virtual writing assistant, you will need access to

  • a computer or tablet,
  • a webcam and/or microphone, and
  • a stable internet connection.

Your virtual writing assistant will send you an email prior to your scheduled appointment time with a link to the WebEx meeting room. Follow the link to begin your appointment at the scheduled time. 

If it is your first time using WebEx, we encourage you to run a test meeting here and download any necessary plugins prior to your appointment. 

If you have technical issues accessing your virtual tutoring session, call either Wayne Robertson (410-704-5379) or Carmen Meza (410-704-5451) for assistance.