Resources for Students

Student resources in the Department of English include honors, scholarships and awards, and clubs and activities.

English Honors

The English Department participates in the Honors Program in coordination with the Honors College. The department offers honors sections of introductory courses for students admitted to the Honors College.

For all upper-division English majors in their junior and senior years, the department offers an alternative experience to the capstone course or the internship: the Honors Thesis. Completing a thesis allows a student to deeply study a topic in which she or he has developed an interest through course work or independent exploration. The thesis experience encourages the development of independent learning skills and often allows students to connect with faculty members across the department and university to discuss commonly held research interests. At the conclusion of the thesis semester, students will present their work in a colloquium at which their faculty advisor and additional readers will discuss the merits of the project. The invited public will be allowed to converse on the project as well. The thesis is generally 30-50 pages in length and results from at least one prior semester of instruction and/or independent study in the student’s chosen topic.

Interested students with an overall GPA of 3.25 and a GPA of 3.5 in the English major should contact the Thesis Coordinator, Dr. Jacob Hovind, , in their junior year. Students who are currently working on Honors Thesis projects may find all necessary forms here.

Scholarships and Awards

By a vote of the English faculty, the outstanding graduate in the department receives the Gerry Buettner Award at Commencement. By departmental vote, the Fil Dowling Award goes to the year’s outstanding English Education major. By selection of the joint English/Women’s Studies committee, the Frank W. Guess Award is given to the year’s outstanding portfolio of student writing. By selection of the English department committee, the Margery W. Harriss “Great Starts” Award is presented to the year’s outstanding portfolio of first-year writing (ENGL 102 or ENGL 190). Lambda Iota Tau is the national literary honor society with a chapter in the department, and the English Club is an informal association of majors, minors and professors who meet to exchange ideas about literature.

Clubs and Activities

Grub Street

Grub Street is published annually and includes works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. The publication is a dual benefit to students, offering a platform for their literary and artistic works and providing the student staff hands-on experience putting together a literary magazine.

TU Tree Club

The mission of the Towson University Tree Club, an SGA-approved student organization, is to preserve and improve Towson University's campus through advocating for the planting  and care of trees on campus, improvement of the university's recycling methods and storm water management, bike trails on campus that will aide in the conservation of fossil fuels, and expanding the current Towson University Tree Walk. The organization's number one priority is to make Towson University a beautiful and environmentally friendly campus that students, faculty, and guests can enjoy. 

University Resources

In order to be a successful English Major you will want to take full advantage of Towson University's resources. These include:

College of Liberal Arts Resources

Grantwriting In Valued Environments (G.I.V.E.) is embedded within TU undergraduate and graduate level curriculum, providing participants the opportunity for real world application while receiving course credit.

Grantwriting In Valued Environments Project

General Resources

The English department provides a list of recommended internet resources for English students.