Hana Bor, Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Program Director

Hana Bor, Ph.D.

Contact Info

College of Liberal Arts
Room 2235


Ph.D., Jewish Studies, Baltimore Hebrew University

M.A., Education, American Jewish

M.A., Jewish Studies, American Jewish University

B.A., Social Work, Tel Aviv University

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Organizations

Cultural Diversity


Jewish Education & Communal Service

Holocaust & Israel education


Dr. Bor literally brings a world of teaching and education administration experience to Towson University. She was raised in Israel and worked there as a social worker bringing together immigrants from many cultures, native languages, and educational backgrounds. In addition, she put her studies to work in community life serving as the director of a school and a teacher of teachers. In the United States, she worked in the academic realm as an Associated Professor at Baltimore Hebrew University. For the past six years she has taught at Towson University. Dr. Bor created the Towson University 5-year BA/MA degree program in Family Science/Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service and the master's degree in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service. She organizes and leads students on study abroad trips to Israel, creating shared experiences with school administrators, teachers, and other students. In addition, she involves her students in joint programs between Baltimore and Odessa, Ukraine.

Dr. Bor continues teaching to deepen students’ understanding of life and education around the world and to implement problem-solving in today’s schools and communities. She works closely with the Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University, developing programs and seminars for the Baltimore educational community, Towson University students and faculty. She sits on a variety of university committees and connects the University with the Jewish community. This summer Dr. Bor will be spending time in Germany, Poland and Israel doing more research on Holocaust education. Her personal research interests are in pedagogy and methodology, curriculum planning, administration and management of non-profit organizations. Currently, she is also researching practical applications of how community school administrators can bridge cultural gaps in hiring and training teachers with varied backgrounds, and is writing about her findings from her Instructional Leadership and Creative Leadership Institutes.

Selected Publications

Bor, H. & Shawn, K. (2013). Examining Jewish values in Kindertransport narratives. Prism – an Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators, 5, 104-110.

Bor, H. (2013). Training educators to use technology in the Jewish classroom. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 88(1/2), 45-49.

Bor, H. (2013). What can we learn from secular education about teacher training in Jewish education: The issues and questions driving my work in Jewish education. The Jewish Educator, NewCAJE’s Journal of Education, Winter 2013.

Bor, H. (2013). Promoting a culture of learning and collaborative leadership in a congregational school through inspired professional development. Jewish Educational Leadership, 12.1, 49-52.

Bor, H. (2012). Empowering students from infancy to adulthood: A case study in Jewish education, Jewish Educational Leadership10, 247-50.

Bor, H. (2011). A Model for Using Diversity to Bridge Cultural Differences, The Jewish Educator, NewCAJE’s Journal of Education, Fall 2011.

Bor, H. (2011). “Can justice ever be done?” The Nuremburg Trials- Their effectiveness and relevancy today, Jewish Educational Leadership, on-line.

Bor, H. (2011). Ethical & moral issues pertaining to cystic fibrosis, Jewish Educational Leadership, 10(2).

Shargel, R. & Bor, H. (2011). A new model for Jewish teacher training: Bridging the worlds of Jewish and public education, The Jewish Educator, NewCAJE’s Journal of Education, Fall 2011.

Solomon, R., Solomon, E., & Bor, H. (2009). The application of mentoring to teaching; New eight stage developmental ladder for mentoring. Published Proceedings of the International Mentoring Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Solomon, R. & Bor, H., (2007). From Madrichim to expert educators: New career ladder for professional development for supplementary and day school teachers, Jewish Education News, CAJE, Fall 2007.

Bor, H. (2007). The 21st century Jewish learner and the 21st century Jewish educator, Jewish Education News, CAJE, Fall 2007.

Bor, H. (2006). Keva and Kavanah [order and intent] in Jewish prayer and meditation, Jewish Education News, CAJE, 2006.


Towson University

Applied for and received $20,000 grant from The Charles Crane Family Foundation for support for 2015-2016 Israel study abroad program.

Wrote and received $10,000 grant from The Charles Crane Family Foundation for scholarships and support for 2013-2014 Israel study abroad program.

Applied for and received $39,300 in funding for summer 2014 and semester-long Institute for Creative Leadership Institute for Jewish Educators.

Applied for and received $54,375 in funding for summer 2012 and year-long Institute for Instructional Leaders in Jewish Education.

Wrote and received $20,000 grant from the Beverly Fine Funds through The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore for Israel education, which allows participants to study in Israel and to plan study abroad in Israel programs for 2011-2012.

Designed study abroad in Israel program and received $45,000 in two grants for program support and student scholarships: $30,000 grant from the Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation and $15,000 grant from The Charles Crane Family Foundation for 2011-2012.

Recipient of 2011 the France Merrick Award for $3,100 to assist in research in Israel, New York City, and Washington, D.C. of most promising teaching practices on the Holocaust.

Alfred Lerner Fellow of 2011 Summer Institute for Teachers ($4,000), with a $300 stipend from Baltimore Jewish Council, to engage in intense study of the Holocaust and teaching practices, selected by The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

Baltimore Hebrew University

Developed grant support for travel to Israel for MAJE and Jewish Communal Service students.

Developed grant support for Ukrainian educators to study in Israel and the United States as part of the ODESSA partnership program.

Developed grant support for MAJE students to attend the annual CAJE conference and network with fellow Jewish educators, supporting the internship and placement programs.

Developed grant support for community teachers to get certified in early childhood education, supporting local schools and student referrals.

Established a first-in-the-nation Infant Toddler Certificate program in Jewish education and developed grant support to train and certify community teachers.

Developed grant support for 11th and 12th graders to earn college credit.


Association of Institutions of Higher Learning for Jewish Education

Network for Research in Jewish Education

Israeli Network for Research in Education

Coalition for Advancement in Jewish Education

National Association of Temple Educators

Alliance for Adult Jewish Learning

American Jewish University Alumni Association

Mandel Teacher Educator Institute

BLEWS- The Black/Jewish Forum of Baltimore

MAZON- Jewish Response to Hunger

Association of Jewish Studies Jewish Communal Service Association

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Licenses and Certifications

Reform Jewish Educator Certification, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Hebrew Union College

Permanent Principals License, National Board of License for Teachers and Supervisory Personnel in American Jewish Schools

Permanent License, Instructor, Hebrew School, Board of Teacher Certification and Licensing for Jewish Schools in Baltimore

Courses Taught

  • Spring 2017: FMST 360 Diversity, Culture, and Team Dynamics
  • Spring 2017: LJEC 614/618 Jewish Communal Service Practicum Seminar/ Internship
  • Spring 2017: LJEC 650 Exploration of Holocaust Education