Alhena Gadotti



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LA 4222
Tuesdays and Thursday 1:45-3:45PM except for the first Thursday of the month, when the time is 1:45-3:15PM


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2006

Areas of Expertise

Ancient Near East, late 3rd - early 2nd millennium BCE; history of religion, women’s history, language and literature


Alhena Gadotti earned her PhD in Near Eastern Studies at the Johns Hopkins University in 2006. Her dissertation, Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Netherworld and the Sumerian Gilgamesh Cycle, was published by DeGruyter in 2014. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Alexandra Kleinerman, Cornell University, to complete the edition of about 700 lexical texts to be published in the CUSAS series.

Selected Publications

“Never Truly Hers: Ereškigal’s Dowry and the Rulership of the Netherworld.”Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religion 20 (2020): 1–16. 

“A New Manuscript of
 Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Netherworld,” (with Alexandra Kleinerman). In From Mari to Jerusalem: Assyriological and Biblical Studies in Honor of Jack Murad Sasson, edited by Annalisa Azzoni, Alexandra Kleinerman, Douglas A. Knight, and David I. Owen. University Park, PA: Eisenbrauns – Pennsylvania State University Press, 2020, 141–146. 

“Between Tradition and Innovation: Two New Larsa Hymns in a Private Collection,
  London” (with Alexandra Kleinerman). mu-zu an-za3-šekur-ur2-šehe2-ĝal2Altorientalistische Studien zu Ehren von Konrad Volk, edited by J. Baldwin and J. Matiszak. Münster: Zaphon, 2020, 117–130.

“The Rules of the School” (with Alexandra Kleinerman). Journal of the American  Oriental Society137/1 (2017): 89-117.

“Mesopotamian Women’s Cultic Roles in the Late 3rd- Early 2ndMillennia BCE.” In Women in Antiquity: Real Women from Across the Ancient World, ed. by Stephanie Lynn Budin and Jean Macintosh Turfa. Routledge 2016, 65-76.

 FALL 2021
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HIST 202 Cities of the Ancient World
HIST 309 The Etruscans: Anatomy of a Civilization