Allaire Stallsmith

Professor Emeritus


Contact Information

LA 4225
M 1:00-2:00; W 1:00-2:00;
and by appointment


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1976

Areas of Expertise

Ancient Greece; social, cultural, economic, and political history; Greek religion


Allaire B. Stallsmith focused on ancient Greek religion as an undergraduate at Barnard and earned her PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. Her dissertation advisor, Michael H. Jameson, piqued her interest in ancient Greek religion and agriculture, which led her to fieldwork in Greece to reconstruct the ancient agricultural calendar. Her dissertation, The Attic Festivals of Demeter and Their Relation to the Agricultural Year, was published by Arno Press in 1981. Her interest in ancient agriculture led her into ethnoarchaeology; as a result, she has worked for a few archaeological survey projects. Her research interests include ancient religions, the Attic cult calendar and the history of Cretan agriculture. She is currently researching the archaeological, epigraphical and historical evidence for the pan-Mediterranean cult of Demeter Thesmophoros, goddess of grain agriculture.

SPRING 2018    
HIST 101 Introduction to Ancient Civilization    
HIST 101 Introduction to Ancient Civilization