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Scheduling for Spring Semester 2019

M.S. SOSC students, scheduling for spring has started. Please feel free to stop by my office during office hours or schedule an appointment to discuss your spring courses and program direction if you would like. - Dr. McCartney

Spring 2019 Core Courses

SOSC 600 - Interdisciplinary Approaches Thu 6 - 8:40pm Dr. Roberts
SOSC 603 - Economist's Perspective Tue 6 - 8:40pm Dr. Woroby
* SOSC 625 - Post-War Democratization Wed 6 - 8:40pm Dr. Hoddie

* SOSC 625 fulfills the core requirement for either SOSC 604 - East Asian Security Issues, 1945-Present  or  SOSC 605 - U.S. Politics in the 21st Cenury.

If any course information needs corrected, contact the M.S. SOSC Grad Assistant.

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Awards, Grants, Scholarships and Assistantships

Current graduate students have the opportunity to receive awards, grants, scholarships and assistantships. Please check with the Financial Aid Office and your program director and professors for additional opportunities available throughout the year.  

Career and Post Graduation Resources

The Masters earned at Towson University in the Master of Science Program in Social Science (MSSOSC) extends various possible post-graduation degree applications to students. Listed below are a few agencies where both current students and Towson alumni may find exciting career and volunteer opportunities as well as academic websites to help inform students about important social science issues.

Research Websites