Interdisciplinary Programs

Although a majority of undergraduate and graduate programs concentrate on a single discipline, equally strong educational preparation and additional insight may rely on an interdisciplinary approach. You may find that such a program better suits your interests.

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A discipline provides an important lens for viewing a topic, culture, or problem. Combining more than one discipline in academic study allows you to see through different lenses. Interdisciplinary programs often provide greater flexibility of approach and encourage breadth of perspective. These programs at Towson University both enhance the strong liberal arts and sciences core and prepare students for professional and applied fields.

Interdisciplinary programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Interdisciplinary studies give you the freedom and flexibility to focus on a program that can better prepare you for a specific career path you have in mind or for graduate school. 
Programs also provide a more integrated learning experience in support of your long-term goals.

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