Social Sciences Secondary Education Concentration

Social Sciences majors with a track in Secondary Education receive certification to teach social science at the secondary level in Maryland upon graduation.

Students must see the Department of Secondary and Middle School Education about admission into that program. In addition to the GenEd requirements and the requirements specified by the Department of Secondary Education, students must complete 54 units with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher from among the following courses. They are also required to complete a Social Sciences portfolio. View degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Required Courses (45 units)

ANTH 207 Cultural Anthropology (3)

ECON 201 Microeconomic Principles (3)

ECON 202 Macroeconomic Principles (3)

SOSC 401 Topics in Social Science (3)

HIST 102 History of European Civilization through the 17th Century (3)

HIST 103 History of European Civilization from the 17th Century (3)

HIST 145 History of the United States to the Mid-19th Century (3)

HIST 146 History of the United States since the Mid-19th Century (3)

HIST xxx African, Asian or Latin American History Course (3)

HIST xxx Elective History Course (3)

POSC 103 American National Government (3)

SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Two of the following:

GEOG 102 World Regional Geography (3)

GEOG 105 Geography of International Affairs (3)

GEOG 109 Introduction to Human Geography (3)

GEOG 221 Interpretation of Maps (3)

One of the following:

POSC 101 Introduction to Political Science (3)

POSC 105 Governments of the World (3)

POSC 107 Introduction to International Relations (3)

POSC 207 State Government (3)

Electives (9 units)

Students must complete three upper-division courses (300- or 400- level) from any of the disciplines in the program. The upper-division courses must be taken at Towson University.


All students majoring in social sciences must complete a portfolio consisting of essays and research papers written for the various disciplines of the program as well as a reflective essay. The portfolio of work is due to the coordinator of the program before the completion of the final semester of study.


Transfer students in the Social Sciences Program are required to earn a minimum of one-half the total number of units required for the major at Towson University.