Adrianna Morgan

Double Major: Spanish and Interdisciplinary Object Design

Adrianna Morgan

With her parents hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Adrianna Morgan has a multicultural perspective, both in her art and in life. And, she says, that’s why Towson has proved to be the perfect match for her worldview.

Born in Maryland, Morgan attended the Baltimore School for the Arts for high school. When the time came to choose a college, she considered several art schools, but chose Towson instead. Why? “I realized that I would have a more balanced learning experience here, rather than being totally submerged in the arts, which turned out to be true!” she says.

Now in her final year of study, Morgan is finishing up a double undergraduate major in Spanish and interdisciplinary object design, with a minor in business, communication, and the liberal arts (BCLA).

“I chose Spanish as one of my majors because I love the language,” she notes. “Spanish culture also makes its way into my art.”

“Towson gave me the opportunity to learn a more diverse set of skills beyond art.”

Adrianna Morgan

Through her other major, interdisciplinary object design, she is exploring other artistic media besides her main focus in sculpture, including 3-D printing of sculptural objects. She also feels her BCLA minor has helped her plan for her career goal as a visual display artist. “It’s important for artists to be business-minded,” she says. “I need to learn how the business world works, especially if I’m going to be working in retail.”

Summing up her experience at Towson, Morgan could not be more positive. “Towson gave me the opportunity to learn a much more diverse set of skills beyond art,” she says. “The balance of the arts and academics definitely has made me more well-rounded and prepared for what’s next.”