Why Study Languages, Literatures & Cultures?

When you study languages, literatures and cultures, you broaden your understanding of the world and enhance your global career opportunities.

Five Reasons, Among Many, to Study Languages, Literatures and Cultures

  • The study of languages expands your view of the world, encourages acceptance of different cultures, and leads to a greater appreciation of cultural diversity
  • The study of languages fosters a greater understanding of how language and human nature are related
  • Improve your analytical and communication skills in the language you are studying as well as your native language
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market with the addition of language skills
  • Expand your ability to interact with others, problem solve, and be a valuable member of a work team

why towson for languages, literatures & cultures?

Great Location

Our beautiful 322-acre campus is in close proximity to Washington, D.C., home to Embassy Row and a host of international agencies and organizations.  

Study Abroad Opportunities

Students majoring or minoring in a foreign language are strongly urged to spend time in a country where the chosen language is spoken. The department enthusiastically supports programs offered through the university's Study Abroad & Away Office. Choose from an exciting variety of options, including faculty-led programs, exchange, and affiliate programs.

Honor Societies

Practice speaking with your peers and gain a more in-depth knowledge of countries and cultures by joining a foreign language honor society. Active chapters include Pi Delta Phi - French Honor Society, Gamma Kappa Alpha - Italian Honor Society, and Sigma Delta Pi - Spanish Honor Society.


The department offers a number of scholarships to students who show academic promise. Learn more about available funding.