Student Organizations

Get involved with your classmates around campus. It's a perfect opportunity to network and practice your target language.

Language Clubs 

ASL Club

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kathleen Hajdamacha

Student President Contact:

Club for Arabic Learners

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ziad Bentahar

Student President Contact: 

French Club - L' Aventure française

Faculty Advisor Contact: Dr. Alisha Reaves

Student President Contact: 

German Club  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Annette Budzinski-Luftig

Student President Contact: 

Italian Club - Il Circolo

Faculty Advisor Contact: Dr. Margherita Pampinella

Student President Contact: 

Honor Societies 

French Honor Society: Pi Delta Phi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alisha Reaves

Italian Honor Society: Gamma Kappa Alpha 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Margherita Pampinella

Spanish Honor Society: Sigma Delta Pi

Faculty Advisor:

Student President Contact: