Language Placement Testing

The Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures offers online placement testing in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, for all incoming freshman and transfer students who do not have college credit in the language. Students with previous knowledge of any language offered by the department who wish to enroll in a language class should contact the appropriate language coordinator or the department at .

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A message to students from the Department of Languages, Literatues & Cultures:

The Placement Test is designed to determine your language skill and place you in the course that is right for you.  It should take less than 15 minutes to complete.  Plan to take it in an environment without distractions.  There is nothing to prepare because it measures the skills you aleady have.  Know that the higher you place on the test, the closer you will be to complete a minor (6 classes) or a major (10 classes) in languages.  Your language journey at Towson University starts here.  All the best!

Students wishing to enroll in Spanish courses who do not already have college credit for the language, are required to take the online Spanish Placement Test. Please be sure to complete it BEFORE you meet with your advisor on your day of orientation. If it's not complete when you meet with your advisor, you will delay the course selection process. Once you have taken the test and know your score, consult the Placement Scale for Spanish to choose the class that corresponds to your score. 

Students wishing to enroll in French, German, Italian, or Russian courses who do not already have college credit for the language, are recommended to take the online placement test. 

This test is not time consuming. It is the responsibility of each student to complete the test. You will need to allow several days for your score to upload to your student account.

If you want to have your score upload expedited, send an email to  with your name, TUID, language tested for, score, and date of completion.