Career & Internship Support

As always, the Career Center here on campus is a great place to start in your search for internship or job opportunities.

In addition to the Career Center, the Department will also post opportunities on flyers on our bulletin board, located across from LA 4118, and on this webpage.  Look for descriptions of opportunities that we have learned about from organizations around town. Some offer monetary compensation and some don't, but what is most valuable is that they all provide the chance for you to practice your target language!

Current students and alumni may find the following sites especially useful:

ACTFL Job Central

Modern Language Association

Bilingual jobs

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Peace Corps

American Translators Association 

Students have worked in places such as the Italian Consulate, Casa de Maryland and many more.



Foreign Languages Day

Businesses, Students and Alumni talk about the many opportunities that are available to students of foreign languages and explain how language skills are beneficial in today's society.