Advising & Student Resources

We have faculty and staff who are happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our programs.

Although we do not offer a major or a minor in all languages, we do have a designated coordinator who can assist with placement in each language. Moreover, the department has assigned academic advisors for each major and minor program that we do confer.

Department Advisors

Deaf Studies Major Advisors

Spanish Major Advisors

Spanish Minor Advisor

Language Placement 

The department offers placement testing for students wishing to enroll in a language course who do not already have college credit for the language. 

Departmental Challenge Exam

We offer a Challenge Exam to students who have acquired language proficiency through life experiences, personal study and/or military course work. This exam is not the same thing as the CLEP exam. Towson University does not recognize CLEP credit for languages.

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)

Create your DCP. Email it to your adviser as an attachment, and bring a copy to your advising meeting. You and your adviser will review the plan and sign it. Your adviser will then remove your registration hold.


Tutoring for language courses is available by appointment only. Please contact the Tutoring and Learning Center.