Liberal Arts Tutoring

All Summer 2021 tutoring will be online drop-in tutoring for select courses offered Monday-Friday during the hours of 9am - 5 pm. There will be no tutoring sessions on Monday, May 31, Friday, June 18, Friday, July 2 or Monday, July 5, 2021. 

What tutoring is available during the semester?

Summer 21 online tutoring sessions are currently available for the following liberal arts courses:

  • PHIL 101, 103, 111
  • PSYC 203, 212

Where and when is tutoring offered?

Summer 21, online drop-in tutoring is available from 5/24 - 8/3 via Blackboard. 

Drop-in tutoring is offered online via our in our Blackboard TLC Online Tutoring Community. To attend the sessions, click on the Blackboard Summer Tutoring Room link when tutoring sessions are offered. Need help with accessing drop-in tutoring? TLC staff are available to help via phone 410-704-2291 (M-F 9-4) and the TLC Virtual Front Desk (M-F 9-4) during office hours.

Tutoring Schedule For 7/17/21 - 7/31/21

Courses Days and Times Exceptions
PSYC 212 M 1-3, Th 10-12  
PSYC 203 M 1-3, Th 10-12  
PHIL 103 M 1-3, Th 10-12 


*Please note schedules are subject to change.

Attend a tutoring session

Enter the TLC Summer Tutoring Room

Tutoring Policies

Visit the Tutoring page to review our tutoring policies, including details about our cancellation policy.


Come prepared. 

Compile a list of questions and bring all relevant course materials (e.g., class notes, textbook(s), returned tests or quizzes, etc.) to your session. Tutoring sessions can be canceled if you arrive unprepared. 

Get to know your tutor's role.

All peer tutors are recommended by TU faculty members and their job is to assist you in understanding significant course concepts, develop problem-solving strategies and suggest study techniques. Tutors will not complete or assist with specific homework, project, writing and/or research assignments. Tutors may not be able to answer all questions. 

Share your feedback.

We want to hear about your experiences with our services. You can provide your feedback in two ways:

  • Share feedback by logging-in to TutorTracâ„¢
  • Share feedback after the final exam period closes.