Natural Science Tutoring

Regular tutoring is over for the Spring 2022 semester.  Drop-in tutoring is available on a weekly basis for select natural science courses during the fall, spring and summer semesters in SC3224.  

Finals Week Programming begins Sunday, 05/15. For more information click here.

What tutoring is available?

Tutoring for the Spring 2022 semester is over.  Tutoring for natural science courses is available for drop-in sessions for the following courses during the fall and spring semesters.  Summer tutoring is also available for limited courses.


  • BIOL 120, 191
  • BIOL 200, 206, 221, 222, 309


  • CHEM 121, 131, 132
  • CHEM 210
  • CHEM 330, 331, 332


  • PHYS 211, 212,241, 242


COURSE Drop-in schedule

BIOL 120, 191, 200


BIOL 206


BIOL 221, 222


BIOL 309


CHEM 121, 131, 132


CHEM 210


CHEM 330, 331, 332


PHYS 211, 212, 241, 242


Tutoring Instructions

Come prepared to the session with notes, questions and other course materials to maximize your time with your tutor.

Tutoring Policies

Visit Tutoring to review our tutoring policies, including details about our cancellation policy.


Come prepared. 

Compile a list of questions and bring all relevant course materials (e.g., class notes, textbook(s), returned tests or quizzes, etc.) to your session. Tutoring sessions can be canceled if you arrive unprepared. 

Get to know your tutor's role.

All peer tutors are recommended by TU faculty members and their job is to assist you in understanding significant course concepts, develop problem-solving strategies and suggest study techniques. Tutors will not complete or assist with specific homework, project, writing and/or research assignments. Tutors may not be able to answer all questions. 

Share your feedback.

We want to hear about your experiences with our services. You can provide your feedback in two ways:

  • Share feedback by logging-in to TutorTrac™
  • Share feedback after the final exam period closes.  
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