Prospective & Current Student Tutors

Tutoring is a great way to get involved, help other students and reinforce important material.

become a tutor

How do I become a student tutor?

Our tutors must have a B+ or higher in courses that they tutor, as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA. Additionally, two recommendations from faculty members must be completed and returned. Each tutor is required to attend tutor training at the beginning of each term.

Openings are listed in Handshake and the T3 campus email publication when there is a need for a specific subject.

top 10 reasons to become a tutor

  1. Reinforce and build your own knowledge
  2. Schedule your work around your classes
  3. Build your résumé
  4. Strengthen interpersonal communication skills
  5. Form bonds with students
  6. Impact a student’s academic achievement
  7. Network with fellow students
  8. Develop leadership skills
  9. Gain recognition at the Tutor Awards Ceremony
  10. Convenience of working on campus

What is involved in the hiring process for student tutors?

In addition to submitting an application, students should also submit two letters of recommendation and be prepared to attend an interview. 


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. If a need arises, qualified applicants will be invited in for an interview. Make sure to identify the courses that you would be interested in tutoring. Complete the Tutoring & Learning Center Application for Student Employment (DOCX) and please send it via email to  or drop it off at the Tutoring and Learning Center, located in Cook Library, Room 524.

Recommendation Forms

Two letters of recommendation from faculty in the course areas that you will be tutoring will be required. The recommendation forms to provide to faculty will be provided to the students as part of the interview process.


Should you be contacted for an interview, you will be asked to answer a series of questions. Tutors being interviewed for science, music or computer science will need to bring a completed checklist from the coordinator.

Information for New Student Tutors

Once hired, new student tutors must complete the “New Student Employee Orientation” module through Blackboard, submit paperwork through the Office of Human Resources and  attend training. 

New Student Employee Orientation

The “New Student Employee Orientation” will be available to you through Blackboard once you are hired. You will be added to the orientation module allowing you access to a detailed PowerPoint and follow up assessment. You will need to achieve an 80% or higher for it to be considered complete.

Payroll Processing

Tutors meet with the Tutoring and Learning Center to complete required paperwork, and the student employment checklist. As part of this process, tutors will complete eligibility requirements by verifying eligibility to work with the Office of Human Resources (I-9 Documentation), drop off the form to payroll and complete direct deposit and W-4 paperwork. Once you are fully processed, you will submit and approve timesheets every 2 weeks. If you need a Spring 19 payroll schedule, click here


All new tutors attend a mandatory orientation training prior to working as a tutor and continue to receive training for continued development each semester.  We follow the College Reading and Learning Association’s Guidelines through our certificated training program. All tutors are required to complete level one certification training by the end of one year of tutoring.

Tutoring Tools and Resources 

Please review the important resources below to assist in preparing for your tutoring sessions:

Tutoring Center Contact Information 

Business and Economics Lab

Location: Cook Library, Room 524
Phone: 410-704-2291

Liberal Arts Lab

Location: Cook Library, Room 524
Phone: 410-704-2291

Computer Science Lab 

Tutoring Coordinator: Stacy Nicholson
Location: 7800 York Road, Room 403
Phone: 410-704-4918

Music Satellite Lab

Tutoring Coordinator: Chris Dillon
Location: Center for the Arts, Room 2087
Phone: 410-704-2821

Natural Sciences Satellite Lab 

Tutoring Coordinator: Liina Ladon
Location: Smith Hall, Room 538
Phone: 410-704-3054

Spence Mathematics Lab

Tutoring Coordinator: Sandrine Tchatie-Leudeu
Location: Cook Library, Room 524
Phone: 410-704-3283


Fall 2020 Important Dates

Student tutors should review the information below for important dates and events. 

Event Details
Fall 2020 Tutoring Begins Aug. 31
No Tutoring (Labor Day & Thanksgiving Break) Sept. 7 & Nov. 25-29
Supplemental Instruction Leader Appreciation Week Sept. 21-25
International Tutor Appreciation Week Oct. 5-9
Fall 2020 Tutoring Ends Dec. 3