Why Study Philosophy or Religious Studies?

Why Study Philosophy?

Why Religious Studies?

  • Identify varied religious and philosophical beliefs and learn why individuals follow such beliefs
  • Gain broad historical knowledge necessary to understand the world's great philosophical and religious movements
  • Analyze different belief systems and see first-hand how religion and philosophy surround us – in film, popular music, and literature – and affect all aspects of our lives
  • Examine objectively, from philosophical, historical and text-critical viewpoints, the great world religions
  • Explore some of the deepest and most significant ideas and values that have emerged in human history
  • A major in Religious Studies is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers.
  • Participate in the World Religions Roundtable, a student-run, SGA-supported group that promotes discussion of various philosophical and religious issues. The roundtable meets weekly and is open to all students. Please contact Robert Tappan at for more information.