Law & American Civilization Major

Welcome to the American legal system. This program introduces you to the fundamentals of law and helps you to become an active citizen in a nation devoted to the rule of law.

Receive intensive training in analytical reasoning and critical thinking as you expand your knowledge of the nation’s courts of law. You will complete two introductory courses, one in political science and one in economics, to become familiar with the nature of law and its role in American society. Take four required courses and then choose from several elective options. View all degree requirements and course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Students are encouraged to apply for a law and American civilization internship, which is one of the program’s capstone options. Internships include placements in the Maryland General Assembly, the executive branch of the Maryland government, and in offices or judges’ chambers. Students find the experience of interacting with practicing attorneys to be invaluable as it provides a bird’s eye view of  the inner workings of law firms.

Senior Thesis

Advanced students who are completing this major may enroll in a seminar in the Department of Political Science or thesis seminar (LWAC 491). The thesis seminar allows you to choose a topic in a law-related area. You will spend about half the semester researching your topic, compiling a bibliography, and working very closely with your instructor on a one-on-one basis before writing begins. Your efforts will represent some of your best work in your college career.

Why towson University?

  • Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.
  • Our prelaw advising program provides information about preparing for and applying to law school, financial aid and careers.
  • The beautiful 322-acre campus is in close proximity to the seat of Maryland government and U.S. government, where you can see political systems in action.
  • Get direct experience in the field through internships and service learning opportunities at some of the nation’s leading federal agencies and in local, state and federal government.