The Department of Psychology serves a variety of students -- those who have aspirations for advanced study, individuals who intend to pursue positions within psychology and related human services areas, and others who are interested in psychology for whatever personal application they might choose. For general education students and those seeking personal enrichment, the department stresses understanding and valuing the complexity and diversity of human behavior.

Students in Class


The Psychology Department at Towson University is a collaborative community that values scientific thinking and application, fairness and open-mindedness, personal and professional growth, and the well-being of all our diverse community members. We instill in our students a strong psychological knowledge base, critical thinking and effective communication skills, ethical decision-making, and socio-cultural awareness.


The Psychology Department at Towson University will create a vibrant and inclusive academic environment that empowers students, faculty, and the broader community to thrive and make a positive impact in the lives of others. We aspire to produce lifelong learners who are firmly grounded in psychological science and equipped with skills to enrich their communities, contribute to their professions, and become change agents for the greater good.


The Psychology Department at Towson University is committed to social justice and embraces diversity. We stand firmly against prejudice and discrimination, and we are committed to fostering a climate of inclusion in order to enrich the experiences of all our community members. We recognize that our work towards equity, access, and belonging is ongoing and lifelong. We believe that this work is a strength of our community and will contribute to the betterment of society. 

Programs of Study

For undergraduate students, the Department of Psychology offers both a major and minor in Psychology, as well as an Honors Thesis Program and Clinical Area of Focus for its majors. 

For graduate students, the Department of Psychology offers the opportunity for in-depth specialization at the Master’s level in one of five areas: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Human Resource Development, and School Psychology. A Certificate of Advanced Study is offered in School Psychology.