Christopher Magalis




Contact Info

LA 2104


M.A. & B.A. in Experimental Psychology, Towson University

Areas of Expertise

Statistical Analysis

Research Design


Health Psychology

Teaching Info

Mr. Magalis is an affiliate of the Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology (LCN).


Research Interests

Neuropsychology of Diabetes, Multiple Memory Systems, Health Psychology, Quantitative Methods in Research. Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Research. Data Mining in Psychology and Education. Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics Anxiety. Cognitive and Perceptual Effects of Virtual Simulation.

Lab Affiliation

Statistical analyst: Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology.


Magalis, Christoper; Parente, Rick; Kenney, Jaclyn (2020). An Exploratory Examination of the Use of Co-Occurrence Network Analysis to Assess the Anxiety and Beliefs in College Students When Performing Mathematical Computation. Advance. Preprint. 

Parente, Frederick and Finley, John-Christopher and Christopher, Magalis, An Association Rule General Analytic System (ARGAS) for Hypothesis Testing in Qualitative and Quantitative Research (2020). International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Available at SSRN:

Teaching interests
PSYC 212: Behavioral Statistics

PSYC 314: Research Methods in Psychology

PSYC 285: Biological Psychology

PSYC 465: Physiological Psychology

PSYC 305: Psychology of Learning

PSYC 309: Psychopharmacology

PSYC 315: Motivaion

PSYC 317: Sensation and Perception