Faizan Imtiaz

Assistant Professor, Organizational Psychology; Human Resource Development Graduate Program


Contact Info

LA 2145
Wednesday and Thursdays


Ph.D. in Psychology
Queen's University, 2018

M.S. in Sports Psychology
Queen's University

McMaster University

Areas of Expertise


Cross-Cultural Psychology

Group Dynamics

Aging and Lifespan Psychology


Dr. Imtiaz's research interests include generational differences across seniors and young adults in the workplace, group dynamics in multicultural teams, acculturation and the work experiences of immigrants, and examining resilience and performance in high pressure environments such as business and elite sport.

Selected Publications

Imtiaz, F., Ji, L. J., & Vaughan-Johnston, T. I. (In Press). Exploring the Influence of a Low-dose Mindfulness Induction on Performance and Persistence in a Challenging Cognitive Task. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology.

Imtiaz, F., Khei, M., & Ji, L. J. (2017). Resilience through Suffering: A Potential Military Application. In A. MacIntyre, D. Lagacé-Roy, and D. R. Lindsay (Eds.) Global Views on Military Stress and Resilience. Kingston, ON: CDA Press. doi: http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2017/mdn-dnd/D2-527-2017-eng.pdf

Imtiaz, F., Hancock, D. J., & Côté, J. (2016). Examining young recreational male soccer players’ experience in adult- and peer-led structures. Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise, 87(3), 295-304. doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/02701367.2016.1189073

Imtiaz, F., Hancock, D. J., Vierimaa, M. & Côté, J. (2014). Place of development and dropout in youth ice hockey. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12, 234-244. doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/1612197X.2014.880262

Courses Taught

HRD 605: Applied Research in HRD
PSYC 325: Social Psychology