Justin Buckingham


Professor, Director of Experimental Psychology Graduate Programs


Contact Info

LA 2152


Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, Ohio University

M.A. in Experimental Psychology, SUNY Cortland

B.A. in Psychology, Siena College

Dr. Buckingham's dissertation focused on the effect of social comparisons on people's evaluations of their abilities. Dr. Buckingham has been a professor at Towson since 2001.

Areas of Expertise

Social Psychology

Behavioral Statistics

Research Methods

Graduate Research Seminars

Research Interests

Dr. Buckingham is a social psychologist who uses quantitative research to investigate the psychology of the self. His research primarily focuses on how people deal with threats to positive feelings about themselves. This includes research on topics such as social comparison, self-esteem, and contingencies of self-worth.


Selected Publications

Buckingham, J.T., Yamkovenko, B., Boring. B.L., Andrade, F.C., & Iafolla, C. (in press). The relationship evaluation process scale: A multi-dimensional measure of how people assess the quality of their romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
Buckingham, J.T., Lam, T.A., Andrade, F.C., Boring, B.L., & Emery, D.N. (in press). Reducing contingent self-worth: A defensive response to self-threats. Journal of Social Psychology.

Buckingham, J.T., Weber, A.M., & Sypher, A.K. (2012). Self-esteem and self-perpetuating effects of threat on contingencies of self-worth. Self and Identity, 11, 360-385.