Jacqueline Leventon


Assistant Professor, Developmental Psychology


Contact Info

LA 2121


Ph.D. & M.A. in Psychology
(Cognition & Development),
Emory University

B.S. in Psychology,
University of Maryland,
College Park

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Development

Memory & Emotional Memory Development

ERPS & Memory, Emotion

Infancy & Childhood


Dr. Leventon examines the integration of emotion and memory processes in early child development. Specifically, she is interested in how emotion enhances memory performance. Her research features electrophysiology (ERPs), behavior, and self- and parent-report measures to inform understanding of emotion and memory. A current area of interest is examining when in the life of a memory- encoding, consolidation and storage, and/or retrieval- where emotion has an enhancing effect.


Selected Publications

Leventon, J.S., & Bauer, P.J. (2016). Emotion regulation during the encoding of emotional stimuli: Effects on subsequent memory, Special Issue on Psychophysiology and Psychobiology in Emotion Development in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 312-333.

Leventon, J.S., Stevens, J.S., & Bauer, P.J. (2014). Development in the neurophysiology of emotion processing and memory in school-age children, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 10, 21-33.

Leventon, J.S., & Bauer, P.J. (2013). The sustained effect of emotional signals on neural processing in 12-month-olds, Developmental Science, 16 (4), 485-498.