Jan Sinnott

Professor, Department of Psychology


Contact Information

LA 2139


Doctorate & Master's in
Catholic University of America

Dr. Sinnott completed Post
Doctorate work at the National
Institute on Aging at
Gerontology Research Center
(Baltimore Longitudinal Study
of Aging).

Areas of Expertise

Adult development

Problem solving

Intimate relationships


Identity flexibility


Currently, Dr. Sinnott is spending her time teaching, doing research, and writing a book and several articles.


Research Interests

Dr. Sinnott’s research interests include complex problem solving in adulthood - postformal thought; satisfaction in intimate relationships; positive psychology; identity flexibility; and spirituality.


Selected Publications

Sinnott, J.D. (2013). Adult development: Cognitive aspects of thriving close relationships. New York: Oxford University Press.

Sinnott, J.D. (Ed.) (2013). Positive psychology: Advances in understanding adult motivation. New York: Springer Publishing.

Sinnott, J.D. (2011) Constructing the self in the face of aging and death: Complex thought and learning. In C. Hoare (Ed.), Oxford handbook of adult development and learning, 2nd Edition (pp 248-264). Oxford University Press.