Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Certificate

In today’s increasingly diverse society, learn more about women’s issues and related policies on gender that affect your community and your workplace. This certificate may be completed entirely online.

Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies? 

The Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate is useful for students enrolled in graduate programs outside of the discipline and for individuals seeking to pursue additional coursework but who have not completed a master's degree.

This graduate certificate program, like the master's program, is an applied program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals and others interested in the field. The goal is to advance the status of women throughout society by incorporating women's perspectives into other studies/professions, by enhancing students’ knowledge of womens issues and by providing students with the opportunity to gain practical skills and certification in the field of women's studies.

Certificate Requirements

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Admission Requirements and Deadlines

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Why Towson university?

  • Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.
  • The beautiful 329-acre campus is in close proximity to the nation’s leading policymakers and institutions and agencies that promote equality and diversity.

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