Vicki McQuitty

Assistant Professor

Vicki McQuitty

Contact Info

Hawkins Hall, Room 107A


Ph.D., Teaching & Curriculum, Syracuse University, 2011

M.S., Learning Disabilities, Syracuse University, 2003

B.S., Elementary Education, Oklahoma
Baptist University, 1994

Areas of Expertise

Writing instruction in elementary schools

Disciplinary and academic writing

Preservice and inservice teacher professional development in writing instruction


Vicki McQuitty is an associate professor in the Elementary Education program. She began her career as a fifth grade teacher, working in both public and private schools. She then completed an M.S. in Learning Disabilities and a Ph.D. in Teaching & Curriculum at Syracuse University. She currently teaches Literacy Methods courses and graduate courses that focus on academic writing and writing instruction. She is also the director of Maryland Writing Project. Her research interests include how elementary teachers learn to teach writing; integrating writing with science, math, and social studies instruction; and effective practices for implementing writing workshop pedagogies. 


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