Action Research for School Improvement Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

This program is offered exclusively through the Towson Learning Network. If you are interested in applying for a future cohort, you must contact TLN at .

Attention experienced educators — are you ready to become highly qualified instructional change agents for schools and school systems? This applied certificate program is designed to build your expertise in the use of multiple venues of action research necessary for creating successful school communities that advance student achievement. The program’s core courses are designed to make you an effective researcher who is comfortable with multiple assessment and evaluation strategies. You will also learn to do the following:

  • obtain and utilize data to inform decisions for school improvement
  • facilitate development, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision that promotes student success
  • provide effective instruction, discern and implement best practices in teaching and learning, and design professional plans for faculty and staff
  • anticipate and manage change
  • be effective in collaboration and team building essential for responding to diversity and mobilizing community resources
  • understand legal issues and ethical behaviors required to act with integrity and fairness while conducting research
  • develop an interdisciplinary approach to examine educational issues through school-based inquiry and professional practice
  • develop and promote the integration of technology, research, and information resources into curriculum design, pedagogy, and professional practice to ensure student success

View certificate requirements and course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.