COFAC CoLab Application


The COFAC CoLab is an incubator for ideas, projects and collaboration. Established in the fall of 2017, the Lab is a home for Interdisciplinary work. The aim is to build a hub, where ideas can be cross-fertilized and put into motion. It is a nucleus, a pivot point and a catapult over disciplinary and cultural borders. Designed as a space where fields of study are porous and contemporary cultures are created, the objective is to build new knowledge for an ever-evolving world.

A Call to New Knowledge?

Every Spring the CoLab will put out a call to faculty, students and staff to present a project under the 3-year theme (see 2018-2020 theme below). Each term a small project ($500) and a large project ($1000) will be awarded and presented at the center. Students need to have faculty advisers and home departments which the funds run through.The first term focused on the idea that there is value in seeking out new perspectives through interdepartmental collaborations. This year we will focus on collaborations across colleges.

Theme: 2018-2020 The Other in All of Us & the Migration of Thought

As scientists begin to piece together humanity’s origin story via DNA/fossils, and old ideas of creation and race are proven false—how do we, as culture and meaning makers play a role in the migration of thought? As economic apartheid, environmental justice, critical race issues, sexuality and gender rights come to light—how do we as appreciators, professors, practitioners and students make our work and ideas accessible as possible, giving a lens to the other in all of us?

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Deadline extended to September 28, 2019

*You must receive approval from the department chairperson before submitting the application.

Part I

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