Arts Integration Graduate Certificate

The Arts Integration Institute offers the Arts Integration Graduate Certificate for practicing classroom teachers, fine arts specialists, administrators and teaching artists. The Institute works closely with school districts and the Maryland State Department of Education to provide timely, progressive educational courses and workshops in response to the needs of practicing educators in Maryland PK-12 schools.

Towson University’s Arts Integration Graduate Certificate is offered in partnership with the University of Maryland, College Park, UMBC and Johns Hopkins University. This program works cooperatively with Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance (AEMS). 

The Arts Integration Graduate Certificate is an interdisciplinary arts-in-education approach incorporating a variety of art forms (Art, Theatre, Dance, Music and Electronic Media and Film) as they apply to teaching across the curriculum in Maryland’s schools, PK-12. This certificate supports Towson University’s mission to provide programs that enhance the teaching skills and professional development of educators and teaching-artists.

Certificate Requirements and Course Descriptions

The Arts Integration Graduate Certificate comprises six courses of 3 units each, totaling 18 graduate units. The recommended course matrix includes a required core of 12 units and two electives equaling an additional 6 units. A minimum of 9 of the 18 units for the certificate must be taken through the Arts Integration Institute.

The program is designed for flexible delivery to teachers, with courses taught on-site in local school districts, or as a fully online program.

View admission requirements for the program. View certificate requirements and course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Our partnering institutions provide additional experiences in arts integration methodology to complete the certificate program:

  • The Artist Teacher Institute, offered through the University of Maryland and when taken for graduate credit, affords participants a summer program in arts integration and long-range strategic planning for their classrooms.
  • Course work created by UMBC and taught by TU is focused on incorporating the arts with non-arts disciplines and evaluating student progress through the creation of electronic/digital portfolios.
  • Course work through Johns Hopkins University focuses on how themes in the neurological and cognitive sciences intersect with research-based instruction and meaningful integration of the arts.