Walking the talk

Communication studies and international studies major Alexa Adams credits two of her TU mentors in helping her forge connections and broaden her horizons.

Alexa Adams

Many people fear public speaking — the butterflies, the sweaty palms. But communication studies major Alexa Adams defies that stereotype. She fell in love with public speaking in her first term at Towson University and says with a smile, “I’m good at talking to people!”

She added a major in international studies so she could reduce language barriers and converse with even more people. International studies allows Adams to learn new languages such as Swahili and Spanish while also learning about cultures and customs. Her combined majors, supplemented with a minor in political science, create a comprehensive — and powerful — way to deepen cultural and societal understanding among individuals.

Adams says she was fortunate to meet two professors who became her unofficial mentors. Professor Sarah Parker Hughes offered Adams the opportunity to become a mentor in the Public Communication Center, a resource for students who seek help with speeches and presentations. Adams’ first year adviser and communication professor, Lisa Turowski, helped Adams choose courses and hosted networking events that resulted in valuable connections. Adams says, “I have not met a COMM studies professor yet who has not been supportive, genuine, and informative.”  

Adams is also a member of the COMM Club and the Pre-Law Society. The COMM club cosponsors events with TU’s career center to inform students about careers in communication. The Pre-Law Society invites law professionals to give advice on successfully negotiating law school and beyond.

It is easy to see how Adams will use her communication skills, cultural appreciation, and interest in law school to craft a career that will broaden her horizons, and, of course, result in some fascinating conversations.

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